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Henan YUANDONGLI Refractory Technology Co., Ltd.

Henan YUANDONGLI Refractory Technology Co., Ltd., located in the collective economic industrial park of Laiji Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province, is a professional manufacturer of new refractory materials that integrates scientific research and production, and is committed to the research, development and service of high temperature furnace industrial technology. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has successively developed and launched a series of high-end high-purity zirconium, high-purity silicon, high-purity aluminum and other new refractory products. There are three shuttle kiln production lines with an annual capacity of 40000 tons, and the products have reached the national standard. Among them, the volume weight of ultra-high temperature fired high-purity zirconium products has reached more than 5.0g/cm3. It is widely used in glass, steel, metallurgy, coking and petrochemical industries. With excellent characteristics such as stable performance, anti-stripping and corrosion resistance, it is listed as the first choice by many enterprises and design institutes. Under the initiative of making substantial contributions to the global economic recovery, the driving force of "unity, integrity, dedication, and struggle", under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Gong Yansong, adhering to the corporate spirit of "excellence", "pragmatism", and "innovation", is committed to developing and producing more high-quality products, creating more professional services, and wholeheartedly creating more value for customers. Welcome all old and new friends to visit and guide us to create a win-win situation. Core advantages


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Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of new refractory materials integrating scientific research and production. The production base is located in the middle section of South Ring Road, Xinmi, the hometown of refractory materials in China.

The pursuit of perfection and excellence, we vow to reward our customers and society with the most sincere service and the most perfect quality; we know the eternal gap between the realm of "perfection" and reality.

Since its establishment, the company has introduced a series of high-end refractory products to the market one after another, developed ultra-high temperature firing high purity zirconium products, filling the gaps in the domestic market, and

The Production Base Is Located At No. 9, Rengou Group, Magou Village, Laiji Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province



10 years manufacturer, good reputation

10 Years Manufacturer, Good Reputation

Scientific management, professional technology and advanced equipment have constantly developed into modern factories. We have won the trust of our customers by respecting the credit, abiding by the contract and ensuring the product quality.

Excellent material selection

Excellent Material Selection

In the selection of raw materials, we use high quality raw material brand names recognised in the industry (e.g. zirconium sand from ILUCA, Australia). The selection of quality materials and the standardisation of the production process are fundamental to ensuring the longevity of the refractory.

Quality Assurance

Stable technical team, production monitoring system, automatic batching system, chemical composition control, physical properties testing and other standardised production processes enable the production of refractory materials that meet and exceed industry standards.

Quality assurance

Sales Service And Commitment

Pre-sales service: provide technical support and participate in our production and quality technical supervision.

After-sales service: three-year warranty, life-long maintenance. During the warranty period, we will be on site within 48 hours to support any serious problems such as material erosion.

Sales service and commitment




The 25th National Seminar on Glass Furnace Technology will be held in Changsha, Hunan Province on December 26

The 25th National Glass Furnace Technology Seminar and Exchange Conference was held in Changsha Rongcheng Garden Hotel on Dec. 26-28.

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Measures on how to extend the age of glass kiln

refractory materials: the quality of refractory materials in all parts of the kiln must be ensured, the refractory materials in different parts should be properly matched, the parts that need to do acid and alkali separation must be separated by reliable materials, the refractory materials in contact with the glass liquid must be able to resist glass liquid erosion and scouring, the lattice body materials in the heat storage chamber and the upper section should be resistant to high temperature and alkaline dust erosion.

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Refractory materials for the heat storage chamber of glass kilns - silica bricks

The main function of the heat storage chamber as a waste heat recovery equipment of the kiln is to preheat the air to a sufficiently high temperature. The heat storage capacity of the heat storage chamber depends on the heat transfer area of the lattice body.

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Henan Yuanli Refractory Nmaterial Technology Co., Ltd


Address: No. 9, Rengou Group, Magou Village, Laiji Town, Xinmi City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China